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Hello Brian, I’m still having the same issue with Dropbox. I’m running Windows 7 and the latest release of NVDA. In your previous email you mentioned the latest version of Dropbox, do you know what that version number is?


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I have heard back, they wanted aa screenshot but on consulting eyes it would do them no good as to the sighted there was nothing at all there, luckily since the slight rconfig and their new version touch wood the problem has gone. I feel it was some new alert code they were trying that was the problem as it has stopped since they were told . I will say this though if you open dropbox from the tray icon, sometimes you can get a window momentarily opening called pane but it usually resolves into the root of the dropbox area. this method of opening that folder is far quicker than the one from the desktop icon as I suspect they directly call it somehow.
I think they are doing their best but its very hard to see an invisible window. I did send them the nvda/f1 stuff, so maybe they fixed it.
See my previous message if you want the actual address to report it to, it has the ticket number as part of the mammal address.
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All they told me was they would look ito it when I sent hem an email. I
can't remembeer who it was but it was someone special t support saying
they woudl escolate my case, I'e heard nothing back from them, and the
invisible windows still are happening over here, just with nvda by the
way. I don't recall seeingany of this with narrator.

On 17 Mar 2019, at 3:07, wayne wrote:

Due to some very careful observations, this is what we're
experiencing. With the dropbox famtom messages, with windows 7 64 bit
running window-eyes there's absolutely know ffamtom dropbox messages.
This is not happening with jaws. I don't have anything to report when
it comes to windows 10. If somebody needs us too, we could certainly
test it in windows 10. Several years ago and I don't remember the
program and the details, but I do know I was getting some famtom
messages with window-eyes. This time around I'm not sure that it's
nvda, but since I've experienced it with window-eyes in the past,
maybe we should have a closer look with nvda. let's just keep an ear
on this.


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Hi, there was a weird transparent window issue a while back but the
latest version seems to have stopped doing this. A guy at Dropbox
called Geoff seems to be handling the issue, you might try emailing
them about your problem as of course its no longer a problem here
with the latest download.
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Hi list ken here. Every so often on the computer dropbox will start
to say what it usually says when it’s first starting. “dropbox
c:program files .x86 and the up to date button and launch dropbox
paper and so forth. It is completely random and it comes without
warning. I posted a question to our radio station list and one other
user is saying the same thing. Like me this other DJ on out of sight
radio is using NVDA. I just double checked the addon and it’s up to
date I have the latest version. According to this other user she’s
not hearing this with jaws users on the station. She thinks NVDA is
seeing something other screen readers don’t any ideas? Thanks.

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