Re: image describer addon for NVDA


I agree.


On 3/19/2019 10:42 PM, Kwork wrote:
So, I wonder how many people work on the Jaws picture smart? Probably more than one. Remember this this is probably a one man job so far, one who is communicating with us and open to suggestions. I find it a bit unfair to compare something with a retail product where money is likely being exchanged for the research and development. Not only is Oliver not receiving a dime so far for this add-on, but he is fronting the bill himself for the image describing that is available so far.


On 3/19/2019 2:56 PM, Don H wrote:
I appreciate any effort anyone puts into giving us users great addons for NVDA.

The new Image describer addon doesn't even come close to what the new Jaws Picture smart has to offer.  Sure hope the image describer addon continues to be developed.

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