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Weird, the only thing I noticed was that yesterday's update for defs was majorly delayed yesterday, thats also fixed as of today, so I suspect a corrupted update file was inadvertantly released.

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Rebooting did not cure it yesterday, only making it think an earlier update was running worked by replacing the registry.

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It was likely a false alarm.  Have you rebooted since?  If you reboot and you get no such message, it is very unlikely anything to worry about.  if you reboot and do get such a message, what screen-reader are you using?  I suspect the message also said something like click here to address the problem.

However, if you want to check your security settings before doing any of this, do the following:
Open the start menu.  Type the word security.
Then after a moment, read the current line.  If it isn't what you want, look through many of the options.  Down arrow through them. If you find what you want, press enter.

You will find what you want, as one of the items says chec security status. I just checked.

One of the main improvements in Windows 7 is that you don't have to look for things as you did in XP.  Use the start menu search and you'll fined most things, even if you don't know what they are called.  The start menu search is designed to find things when the technical or exact words aren't used. for example, use the start menu search to search for uninstall programs or uninstall a program.  You will find relevant results even though you didn't use the technical name.  I don't remember it any more.  But you will find entries in plain English such as remove a program.

This is important to know not only for Windows 7 but, though I haven't checked because I haven't used higher versions of Windows, I'm sure they all have this feature.

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HI folks,

Yesterday I  got a popup on my win 7 machine saying windows security was turned off.  Don't think I've heard that in all the years I have had this pc.

Where do I look to find status of win security.



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