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Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

I didn't get a confirmation message either, thought it was just me, glad to see I'm not the only one having the problem.

On 3/21/2019 5:03 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Yesterday, Mick posted that the new list has now become active on, so I went to the site, grabbed the addresses used to subscribe and post and sent off the subscribe message, and nothing has happened. I normally see an emial to confirm its me who asked to subscribe, which you then need to reply to. Not a bean has arrived. I did try a test post to it, as that should generate a bounce if I'm not subscribed but nothing doing there. Can anyone confirm the group is actually working as I just changed my message rules to allow them through, but I've seen nothing at all. If it is working then over the weekend I'll strip out my message rule and see if I can get the emails from the list before trying again. I guess it could be that one of my other rules is eating the posts, but I'd expect to see them on an imap feed and I don't.

Sorry for the interlude.. back to normal service.
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