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I think this was in windows 7 as well. However it can be actually handy to set it to actually alert you instead as even if its outside normal active hours and you are using it, when it has an update which needs to restart windows its been my experience that the countdown to a restart is invisible to nvda unless you alt tab at the appropriate moment and its a real pain to have to reload all the stuff and reclaim a document from the last back up when it does not give you any warning and just shuts you down!
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Settings, last item, then windows update. It's there. Check for active
hours. I've done this w/ nvda.

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On 21 Mar 2019, at 21:22, Kwork wrote:

How do I change the time of day when Windows 10 automatically checks
for updates. Right now it's doing so exactly at 7:29 pm, and I feel
the slight bit of sluggishness when it does. I'd like it to check and
update outside of my active usage hours. Thanks for any help. I've
looked through settings, and haven't found anything that will let me
do it so far. If there is something I'm missing that may not be NVDA
accessible, even that info would be helpful. Thanks.


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