Re: woman/person fassabumming

Sarah k Alawami

No, it's correct. I facepalm a lot. That is a term used here in the USA I believe. At least tha'ts the only plac i've heard it and I've trveled mostly everywhare. Lol!

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Agree, I was just thinking of an alternative we should use. hand over face maybe?

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You got your answer.
This topic made me laugh for some reason.

I'm sure sometimes these lists cause a lot of facepalming.

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Ok, I'm assuming it's some sort of emoji, but I'll read a symbol on the web using NVDA that says something that is pronounced as "woman fassabumming." In fact, here it is. 🤦 Oh, interesting, before copying, it was "woman fassabumming." Now it's "person fassabumming" after being copied and pasted. Anyway, what is this, and what is the proper pronunciation?


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