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Which version of Firefox are you using? I know I had awful issues with the 32 bit version, but not with the 64 bit one. It might be an idea to remove it if its the former and install the latest version of the 64 bit version or indeed try Waterfox instead. I have both. I do not use Chrome, I find it a bit awkward to get used to so took it off the system.
As I say it might be a rogh driver for the display which for some reason is allowing odd characters to crash it perhaps sent through from Firefox.

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This is in response to the first of two logs I posted here yesterday after my computer crashed twice the day before. I suspect my Braille display is causing the problem, since I intermittently lose NVDA when it's connected. Here's an interesting thing, though. Firefox hasn't been working since those two crashes a couple of days ago. I was attempting to open Firefox when the crashes occurred, so that may have been the cause there. In any case, everything's working fine now, and I think I'll use Chrome from now on.

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