Re: OT. Asking about eloquence option.


It isn't off topic.  Its about using NVDA with a synthesizer. 
Eloquence can be purchased.  I'll let others discuss where to purchase it.  I don't know much about that.  You can purchase it as a SAPI 5 synthesizer and as part of an add-on that also contains another synthesizer. 
But the add-on has many annoying artifacts, sounds that I and a lot of people find very annoying. 
The SAPI 5 version doesn't have those artifacts.  They both have demos so the best thing to do is try them both and see what you think.

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If I have to use the eloquence synthesizer with nvda, how do I download it and do I need to pay for it?

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Thank you sir.

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Hi, this can be use to make eloquence sing, there are some codes, starts with backquote, the codes can effect pitch, inflection, volume, voice and other aspects of the synthesizer, when you turn this option on, and you read this type of code on the web, or in any text document, , the eloquence will behave differently



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From: Narayan
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Subject: [nvda] OT. Asking about eloquence option.


Hi friends, I am using Eloquence with NVDA Screen reader. In this

synthesizer there is one option called enable Back quote tag on or off.

I found this in speech setting. for what purpose this option is used?

anyone have idea? I hope someone can answer my question. best regards.








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