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Quentin Christensen

I mentioned Golden Cursor and gave a link to it :)

Re routing the mouse, I'm not 100% sure how Jaws works, but if it helps:

- To move the mouse to the centre of the current navigator object, press NVDA+numpad divide (or in laptop keyboard layout: NVDA+shift+n).  This can be useful if the focus is on a control which really wants the mouse to click it and won't cooperate with anything else.

- To move the focus to the object currently under the mouse press NVDA+numpad multiply (or in laptop keyboard layout: NVDA+shift+m).  This can be useful if you have moved the mouse somewhere and want to move NVDA's focus there.

The full list of mouse commands (clicking, holding buttons down, etc) is in the user guide:

Re why "clickable" is needed, a lot of people would argue it isn't :)  Essentially though, the main reason for it, is if you are doing something non-standard and have, for instance, defined some new type of control, which may not obviously present itself as something you can interact with.  In practice, while it does get abused, it varies from site to site - on some, it is indispensable and on others, it's reprehensible :)


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JAWS isn't comparable in routing the mouse to NVDA.  One thing that hasn't been discussed is the Golden Cursor.  I haven't used it so I can't compare it with using object navigation or screen review.  Others will, I hope compare them.
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, Using NVDA, How does one rout the mouse just as you would with Jaws?  0-0With Jaws you rout the mouse using insert zero with the num lock off. How does one do this with NVDA? I hope I’m making sense.


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It's the same.  Press enter on the clickable item.  If that doesn't work, you can try routing and clicking the mouse, just as you do with a link.



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Hello guys,
Just yesterday, on another list I am in, there was a person asking how to deal with clickable elements on a page.
Well, main difference between us is that the person wanted to know how to do it with JAWS and I'm using NVDA, of course.
I gave a reply saying that I was hoping the way of dealing with these elements would be the same both using JAWS and NVDA, then I would be waiting for answers.
Trouble is, no answer at all thus far. Nor about JAWS nor NVDA.
So there we are. How to deal with these elements using our favorite screen reader ever? :)

Thanks in advance guys


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