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i vote for making nvda for android.
nvda is the best screen reader and i wish that i could have one
physical keyboard and nvda my android phone to have the best
experience that i have on my computer!

On 3/25/19, Steve Nutt <steve@comproom.co.uk> wrote:
It doesn’t need to happen. Talkback is good enough on Android, as is
VoiceOver on the iPhone.

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As many other people have already mentioned, it seems there's not any plan,
for now ou the future, to make NVDA a screen reader to a smartphone.
It actually would be quite nice, though, and I'd be the first to grab it if
it ever existed.
Considering how powerful NVDA can be on the Windows platform, if such power
could be applied on a smartphone, it would be wonderful!
But unfortunately, I don't see it happening :(


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Em 10/03/2019 12:16, Sociohack AC escreveu:

Are there any plans in the pipeline for developing an NVDA app for Android
and IOS? Is it possible?
Right now, Talkback and Voiceover do support external keyboard, but it would
be so much more convenient if there could be an NVDA application for mobile
phones with similar commands as that of a PC. What do you guys think?

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