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Are you sure about that. I have some self voicing programs where I use an add on to turn off nvda when a range of exe files are detected as in focus. I'm sure it goes back a long way, even before the official add on loading system when you could just write a bit of python and shove it in the global add on folder.
It still seems to be working. The only oddity is that if they have a bit of code that uses resources from normal windows which requires the dialogue to load a file, for example, the nvda comes in and some of the self voicing use another method to speak as well so it can get a bit confusing!

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Subject: [nvda] Profiles and a suggestion

Hi guys,
Well I was just now playing a bit with NVDA profiles to test an add-on
called Profile Switcher, which by the way has proved to be quite useful.
However my question isn't about this add-on otherwise I'd have posted it
on the appropriated list :)
So let's go.
I noticed that when it comes to profile, one can personalize settings
for a specific window, that's the whole point of it I'd guess.
However, there isn't an option to, according with a profile, turn
on/off NVDA's sleep mode.
Why isn't there such option? Isn't it possible, would it cause problems
or something like that?
Well anyway here is my suggestion. It would be nice if we could just set
up a profile to whenever we go to a certain window NVDA automatically
could go into sleep mode.

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