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Microsoft Chrome coming up.

On 3/25/2019 1:29 PM, Gene wrote:

I don't know if Edge works better on some web pages.  Most people don't use Edge.  The number of people, I mean sighted people, who use it is so small that Microsoft is going to completely remake it, using Chrome code.  I'm not saying not to use it now, I'm saying that unless there are pages you can't use well now, unless you are just curious, there isn't any point since it is going to be redone.
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From: Arlene
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Greg! Do many blind people use Edge?  I got a new win ten laptop.  I use google Chrome. I haven’t tried it. I’m willing to learn it. But I was told by other blind people not to use it. 


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From: Greg Rhodes
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I spend most of my computer time browsing with Microsoft Edge and working on documents and spreadsheets in MS Word and Excel 2016. I’m running the latest version of Windows 10. I need to use a screen reader for almost all of my work these days (magnification is no longer real useful for me).


Given my above uses, can someone give me a couple of examples of where mouse navigation (using the numpad) would be used? I’m trying to figure out if there would be any benefit in my learning mouse navigation commands. Thanks. Thanks.





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