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aww by the way, the commands which andre recommended, you need to turn on browse mode first, before using them
to do this press NVDA key and space bar

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Unless you want to go into forms mode, you need to have the NVDA setting on that allows commands to pass to the browser.  I don't know if the setting is on by default or just what it is called.  I don't use it in part because I use an old version of NVDA.  It does what I want and I don't need to update.  But others can discuss that setting.
you may have to move to the player.  If you start at the top of the page and type b until you get to a player command such as the play button or mute, any button in the player, then you can use the following commands and maybe others I don't know.
Space pauses and resumes play.  Right and left arrow moves you through the video.  You can press and hold those keys or press and release them.  but I'm not sure if press and hold works properly. 
The numbers 0 through 9 move you through the video.  I've never seen this part explained but it looks to me as though 1 through perhsps 4 moves you by single percents, 1 2, etc.  5 through 9 may move you to fifty, sixty, etc.  But you can experiment and maybe you can find information if you look.  But those numbers move you in jumps through the video.  0 moves you back to the beginning and starts play from the beginning.  If the file stops playing at the end and you want to hear it again, 0 will play it again.  the other numbers will do what I described earlier even if the file has stopped.  But of course, if you have up next enabled, it won't do it if it has already started to switch to the next viddeo it wants to play.
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Subject: [nvda] playing you tube with NVDA

HI all
are there commands for playing  you tube videos using NVDA on windows?
like to pause, fast forward, rewine etc?

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