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Robert Logue

I've seen this problem too. Doesn't matter what screen reader or which PC I use.  The system tray in Windows is a bit buggy me thinks.


On 2019-03-23 12:52 p.m., Gene wrote:
I have seen this problem that occurs no matter how you try to activate one of the icons.

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From: Sarah k Alawami
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What happens if you hit enter or hit shift f10? Both shoudl do what you want to do.

Take care

On 23 Mar 2019, at 11:23, Kostadin Kolev wrote:

Hello all,

NVDA seams to have problems activating some icons in the system tray, for example the one for OneDrive. At first I thought that it was not a NVDA specific issue but a global screen reader / accessibility one, but after testing with Narrator as well, it turns out that at least the problem with OneDrive's system tray icon is specific to NVDA (Narrator is not affected).

To reproduce the issue, I press Windows+B to go to the system tray. I use up/down arrow keys to move the focus to the OneDrive's icon (OneDrive must be running). Then I press the space key to simulate a single left click with the mouse. All those are Windows and not NVDA commands. With Narrator, this works as expected and the pop-up window for OneDrive appears. With NVDA however, nothing happens. A person which cannot see the screen would wonder why it is so - what is different. I have some vision left and can see what's going on. For some reason, when pressing Windows+B and the system focus gets moved to the system tray area, NVDA also moves the mouse cursor there and for some reason, that causes the failure of the execution of the command with the spacebar to simulate a single left mouse click. With Narrator and with no screen reader running, the mouse cursor does not get moved to the system tray when the system focus gets moved there and the command gets executed correctly and the OneDrive pop-up window appears as it should.

So, does anyone (specially the NVDA developers) know why NVDA moves the mouse cursor to the system tray area when the system focus gets moved there? Because apparently this causes problems with some icons in the system tray. And now that I think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if the appearance of the problematic so called "Network Flyout" pop-up window under Windows 7 is caused by this behavior as well.

P.S.: I'm not asking for help/assistance with workarounds to activate such "problematic" icons in the system tray - I know how to handle them, including with the "SysTrayList" add-on for NVDA. This is not the purpose of this message. I'm asking why NVDA is causing the explained above behavior of the mouse when pressing Windows+B.

Thanks much in advance!

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

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