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Quentin Christensen

At one point, Amazon brought out an "accessible version" of the Kindle app, which was separate from the regular download.  When they brought out version 1.19, it was early 2017 and around the time we released NVDA 2017.1 which brought accessibility to the "standard" kindle for PC app.  Essentially, any version of Kindle since then should be accessible.

Re the website for books, I must admit, I don't read many kindle books myself so haven't played with it much, but if there is a problem, do raise it.  If it's with the website, it's likely an issue for Amazon, but of course it is worth us being aware of it as well.


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Hi Brian

Just looking at the site for a accessible version of kindle for pc. funny thing was on the accessibility page for it it is a very old version and when downloaded apart from the menus was in not accessible.

I think it was like version 1.4 and 1.9 now and above is recommended.

I did read up you needed a later version of which i got but not from them as i could not find it any where on there amazon website it seems like you go in circles.

the version i got now is accessible but if some one knows more of a direct link i will add that into the tutorial.

Would any one have a direct link to the latest version of it on there website to download instead of searching for it off the net.

This is for the amazon website.

Just putting to together a tutorial on the basic's of using it once i figure it out.

Or could you call it notes.

I see there are users on the list using it. I might have to sus out how to download other free books to or does some one on the list know how? and what hoops i might have to jump through.

Or tips i can add into it.

Gene nz

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Was there not an issue with the web site for Kindle books, a link that did not show up properly?

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Hi Don,

NVDA first got support for Kindle for PC (version 1.19 at the time) in NVDA
2017.1, and it has improved since then.

We do have a few notes on using Kindle for PC in the NVDA user guide:

If you do have any specific questions or run into any problems, please do
let us know.  Note that as per the first line in that section I linked to,
this functionality is only available in Kindle books designated with
"Screen Reader: Supported" which you can check on the details page for the

Kind regards


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 7:49 AM Don H <lmddh50@...> wrote:

Does NVDA work well with Kindle for PC for reading Kindel books?


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