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Ralf Kefferpuetz

Can you access any cloud service like dropbox, oneDrive or google drive? If yes I can upload the new version there for you to download.


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hi quentin and as always, i appreciate you for your great works.
for many weeks, nvda website is not accessible in iran or sometimes is accessible, but very difficult.
for example: sometimes i should open website several times to rescue from different kind of browsers errors!
download link wont work at all.
God bless you!
On 3/25/19, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Apologies for the slight delay in the announcement, and I see several
of you have already posted about it, but yes, NV Access is pleased to
announce that version 2019.1 of NVDA, the free screen reader for
Microsoft Windows, has now been released.

Highlights of this release include performance improvements when
accessing both Microsoft word and Excel, stability and security
improvements such as support for add-ons with version compatibility
information, and many other bug fixes.

In the release announcement at there is also
important information about add-on compatibility. Note that although
the framework for having add-ons report versions compatibility is
there, and we encourage all add-on developers to update their add-ons
to include this if they haven't already - This version of NVDA will
however still allow installing and loading of add-ons that do not yet
contain Minimum and Last Tested NVDA version information at all, but
upgrading to future versions of NVDA (E.g. 2019.2) may automatically
cause these older add-ons to be disabled.

Kind regards


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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