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Evidently, you are reading a text document and not a word processor document or a web page in browse mode.  The command is a Windows command, move to next paragraph, and it works where a document has paragraph signs.  But a text file doesn't have paragraph signs; a paragraph is denoted by a blank line.  Windows doesn't look for blank lines so the command doesn't work there.  JAWS does look for blank lines so you can use the command in Notepad to move by paragraph, but not in NVDA.  This is an ability NVDA should add.

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Subject: [nvda] Question about reading an entire line with NVDA

Hey guys, I'm here again :)
This time the question is about... well you saw it on the subject I suppose :)
So, the thing is: I found out that pressing CTRL along with the down arrow, NVDA will read the entire line from a text, regardless if that line is broken for some reason.
However, while I just found it out, I also found out that apparently, this  option isn't described on the NVDA's keystrokes refference.
So my question: is it actually something expected, that pressing CTRL+down arrow NVDA will read the entire line? If so, why isn't it described as an option?
Or, well, what would I be missing? Can anyone point me on the right direction? :)

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