Helping unigram's developer for accesibility #addonrelease #NVAccess

yunus Emre

Hello, There is an app calling telegram. It's client side is open source. It's all apps aren't accessible. An italian developer made a client for it calling unigram. After to some bothering him he's trying to fix accessibility issues. We need your help if you can. Now i am explaning you to problem: There is left frame includes last chats groups, persons, bots etc like skype. You İf you press any of them openning a new window. İn that window'S under texbox above that last messages untill unread message number
last versions nvda and narrator says unigram view messagevielmodel.
I have to press insert 2 and continue with insert 6 for read one message.
I told the developer he fixed that now.
Our question is how can he manage our cursor forexample when openning a message window how he set our cursor to go to unread messages title.
Forexample in skype it says xxx 50 new you're enter it it focus you to textboxt you're pressing shift tab and your cursor comes to where you put yourt cursor last time.
Gui written with, C# and XAML. 
Kind regards.


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