Re: checkboxes in word forms


Just a bit of information for the cohort after having had a chance to look at the form in question.

As is all too typical, this thing isn't an MS-Word fillable form that is designed with accessibility in mind, and it's not even designed with ease of use for the sighted in mind, as interacting with the checkboxes requires that you open the checkbox properties dialog to change its state.  It was clearly designed as something that was meant to be printable for filling out via pencil/pen and paper.

Although MS-Word has supported the creation of document templates that allow you to generate both perfect forms in print for pencil/pen and paper use, or to be filled out electronically, virtually no one seems to know how to create them, and even fewer know how to create them with with the help text on the various form fields such that a screen reader will pick it up and announce it.


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