Re: PDF: Quick links are interrupting the flow of text

Quentin Christensen

Hi there,

The image didn't come through (but even if it did, many in the group would not be able to see it), but are you talking about a program to read PDF files, or a PDF file you have created with links to jump between pages as part of the text.

If it's a PDF file you've made, I'm not aware of a way to skip them (otherwise, how would you find them if you did want to use them?)  Personally I tend to encourage people to learn how to navigate effectively so that such links aren't needed where there are commands which do it (which as you say, causes the problem you are encountering).  I'm happy to agree to disagree with anyone who thinks differently on that, but I don't have an answer for this scenario I am afraid.



On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 5:49 AM <m.ramesh@...> wrote:
Here is the screenshot of the scenario.

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