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Quentin Christensen

Hi Jenine,

When you say you are setting the column header with NVDA+control+c and nothing happens, do you mean NVDA reads nothing when you press NVDA+control+c to set the header, or it's not reading the header as you navigate around your spreadsheet?

When you press NVDA+control+c, NVDA should report: "Set A1 as start of column headers" (where I had the focus in A1 when I pressed the command).  If that isn't being read, is the focus on a cell in Excel AND you are not editing the cell?  If you have started typing something in the cell or pressed F2 to edit it, Excel will be in edit mode and you won't be able to set the header until you finish (enter) or cancel (escape) editing that cell.

If it's not reporting headers as you navigate, then press NVDA+control+d to open NVDA's document formatting settings, and be sure that "Row / Column headers" is checked (press alt+e until the focus jumps to that option).

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On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 3:54 AM Jenine Stanley <jenine@...> wrote:

I’ve had this issue since I think the last build, but am just now getting around to asking about it.


I use Excel 2013, Windows 10 latest public build and now NVDA 2019.1.


I use the command to set a column header, or row header but more often column header, and nothing happens. I’m using NVDA+shift+C.


This issue happens no matter the size of the spreadsheet. I’ve tried making it an official table first then choosing the column headers and that doesn’t seem to have an effect. Is there something that’s changed about Excel, a command or setting I need to change?

Otherwise, I love NVDA with Excel! Can’t say that loudly enough.


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