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Jonathan COHN

Well, it is near impossible to tell what is happening from your description.

You should be able to turn off NVDA and browse to the link using tab keys and activate it that way.  If you see the same behavior (you do have a focus highlight ring don’t you?) then you know something is fishy in your JS code and its interaction with the Browser. But then you will need to try another Browser. If you are testing with Edge, try Firefox otherwise try Edge or Internet explorer.


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Sorry to revive this thread so late. I now have  a new link problem  (but am unable to share the link because it is under development). I am clicking on a link that actually uses JavaScript. It has an href of "javascript:void()", and has a click() event (which is also triggered by pressing the enter key) which executes a JavaScript function. The first time, the enter key is pressed the function works correctly, but the second time, focus just flies randomly to another part of the page. If I change the link to a button everything works fine, but for various reasons I want to keep it as a link. Is this an NVDA bug? Any workaround? I do not have this issue in JAWS. 



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I'd be interested in what the page is and if the link is actually in focus

This is one of the things I keep begging people to include when questions like this come up.  They are almost impossible to answer in the abstract because there are so many potential scenarios that can cause misbehavior.

Unless this is occurring somewhere like an online banking page, where one must be logged in to get to it, and involves private information, please, please, please include the URL of the page in question, and the identification for the problematic link on that page.  That's the way any of us here can examine things to get an answer that's both fast, and accurate.

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