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farhan israk

Thank you. Whats wrong with my computer? I use two add-on. One ks win 10 app essential and another is add-on updater.

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JAWS users can point out things that JAWS does better.  No screen-reader does all things as well as any other screen-reader.  That's why demanding users use more than one screen-reader, even if they only have a demo of another one.  You don't know when you might need or benefit from another screen-reader.
I almost never use System Access to go, but I find, every now and then, that having access to it really helps with something. 
For example, awhile ago, System Access to Go read the things to check so unwanted software wouldn't be installed when I was installing a certain free program.  No other screen-reader tried read that material in an accessible way.  It may be, therefore, that when installing free programs, since so many try to put other programs on machines, that the installer should be tried with System Access or System Access to Go. 
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Hmmm, I use NVDA running Chrome. I have no problems running it using NVDA.  How I had Chrome run as the default browser.  I was taking an online food safe course. I was receiving tutoring and he doesn’t know win ten.  He knew Chrome so I told him to default it.  We tried IE but it ran slow.  Now my food safe website called the training center is saved on book marks. Here’s a real sick kicker!  Expensive Jaws the latest version can get onto the site. I can login but Jaws does not read Click anywhere to begin.  If I launch free NVDA NVDA will read click anywhere to begin.  


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If you use add-ons, try running NVDA with no add-ons running and see if Chrome runs.


If you don't know how to run NVDA with no add-ons running, you do so in the shut down dialog of NVDA, ask here.



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I use Windows 10 1809, latest nvda and chrome. Most of time nvda hangs when I use chrome. I faced this problem in previous version of chrome as well. How to fix it?


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