Re: A Good podcast client for windows 10?

Ian Westerland

I also use QCast. Well worth the money I paid and it is simple to use.

ian Westerland

On 3/27/2019 7:50 PM, David Moore wrote:
qCast is a really good pod catcher!
It only costs a few dollars, but is so worth it.
All you have to do is type in a search term, and it will bring up a huge list of podcasts to choose from.
I just love it.
I also use the accessible pod cast from Web IE as well.
David Moore
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On 26/03/2019 23:49, Matt Turner wrote:
Hi folks.
Anyone have any good ideas?
I don't want to use Itunes for podcast.
I use Sharp Reader.
There are hot keys:-
F6 - Flag, folder title
F7 - Shows titles within a feed
F8 - allows you to see links including URL - Press Jaws key (NPD0) and tab moves straight to the URL link
Press context menu; you can sort by name, etc.
The other one I use is Accessible Podcaster from Web IE.

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