Re: Odd behavior with Contact Group member list in Outlook 2016


What happens if you use the read current line command after you up or down arrow? 
If that doesn't work, though it would be very inconvenient, what happens if you up or down arrow, then alt tab out of the field, then alt tab back?

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Subject: [nvda] Odd behavior with Contact Group member list in Outlook 2016

I've now tested this with NVDA 2018.3.1 as well as 2019.1, and the results are the same.   Someone on the JAWS list is complaining about a similar behavior, so I suspect the root cause may lie with Outlook itself.   I'm curious as to whether anyone else is encountering this or has a workaround.

If you open a Contact Group (formerly known as a Distribution List) and get into the list of members, the first one on the list (or the one you land on if you're reopening one) is announced, but if you up/down arrow through the list afterward there is dead silence.  The focus is definitely moving from member to member in the list under Outlook, but NVDA's own focus is not following along, which I find incredibly odd.

I'll look on Github to see if this is a known issue, but even if it is, has someone found a workaround that allows you to review the members you have already existing in a Contract Group and delete or edit them?

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