Outlook (Office 365) not reading message list in NVDA 2019.1 #winten1803

Corbb O’Connor

I just installed NVDA 2019.1 and am using Outlook (as part of Office 365). I rebooted after the NVDA install, and--after opening Outlook--I down-arrow through the message list. I only hear the header rows (containing the date information) but nothing else. NVDA does not read anything as I down-arrow through the message list. Furthermore, pressing CapsLock+N while inside Outlook won't read any of the menu options. If I don't open Outlok, though, I'm able to read the NVDA menu.

I've been using NVDA for quite awhile but haven't come across a bug worthy of submitting before, so I'd appreciate any direction that you can provide.


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