Re: Outlook (Office 365) not reading message list in NVDA 2019.1 #winten1803



            If you do not have an account on GitHub, I would suggest you open one.  Afterward, go to the NVDA Issue Reporting Page:

            I actually did my first two formal issue reports yesterday, and the template provided when you activate the "New Issue" button makes it very clear what you should fill in under each section heading (as appropriate, sometimes you'll skip one or more).

            If you are able to replicate the issue, and can give the steps required to do so, the best way to bring this to the attention of the NVDA developers is to open a new issue on GitHub if your search in the Filters box doesn't turn up anything currently active for the same thing.  If it does turn up an active issue, you can add a comment to it if you so desire and/or have additional information not already shared by whoever filed the issue to begin with.

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