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That isn't a good work around but I brought it up in case someone needs to work with a list.  It sounds as though you can do so in that tedious way.

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          This is apparently an issue of very long standing, and it impacts JAWS, too.   I added a comment to the following NVDA issue on Github:
NVDA does not read members of distribution lists in at least Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013

This issue was opened in 2012, and was still being tracked in 2017, and I did "cage rattling" to see if anything is still being looked into with regard to it.

and there is another one, also still open, clearly related:  Outlook: Distribution Lists not or incorrectly Read

I'm surprised that this has remained unresolved for this long a period, and all appearances are that it's an issue on the Outlook side, not the screen reader side.

You can jump out of the list to the list name, then back into the member list and it will read the member you were last focused on, but this is just untenable if you're working with Contact Groups (formerly Distribution Lists) of any size.

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