Re: Windows one core voice with nvda

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 12:06 PM 3/27/2019, Brian Vogel wrote:
Settings, Time & Language, Language Pane.? ? I cannot say how the
links, etc., on that pane may have changed for Version 1903, as I am
not doing Insider Builds these days.? In 1809 there is an Add
Language button, which starts the process of selecting the language
you wish to download. If the intention is to use it with a screen
reader then you have to make sure that the particular choice you're
about to make has the Text-to-Speech feature associated with
it.? Some do not.
There is a much easier approach from within Narrator, but you need to be running one of the post-1809 insider builds. From within Narrattor's settings, accessed by control+windows+N, tab to "Get More Voices". There, you will be presented with a list box containing all the installed languages, with all available voices installed for each language. Go through the list, pressing spacebar to select any item you wish to install; then active the "add" button and all your selections will be installed. This way, there is no need to guess whether a language includes a text-to-speech component.

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