Re: Changing cell coordinate reading order in Excel

Ralf Kefferpuetz

We can’t change that currently, but there are issues open to be able to do so in a future release.





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Sent: Donnerstag, 28. März 2019 13:33
Subject: [nvda] Changing cell coordinate reading order in Excel


I’d like to change the way NVDA reads information about a cell when moving through a spreadsheet in Excel.


Now NVDA reads the information within the cell, then the coordinates, then the column/row header info.


I’d like to have it read column/row headers before cell coordinates. I tried turning off cell coordinates and that messed up the reading of column headers. They no longer were read if cell coordinates were turned off.


I need to play with this a bit more as I changed a couple other things as well and now need to narrow this down but should tables be set to on or off? I currently have them set for on with Excel and off with everything else.



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