Re: Why Windows OneCore voices Over eSpeak NG

Monte Single

I have not moved to win 10 yet. Why do some people say the one core voices are slow? Can the speech rate be increased?

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Well it detects windows 10 somehow and makes the default 1 core. It may be possible to tinker with this somewhere but in the end if you want the new voice on those secure screens the settings have to be saved and copied to the user area at boot up etc. I can see no other way if its going to be the same voice .

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I don’t know when this was done, but NVDA is now defaulting to the Windows
OneCore voices rather than eSpeak NG when it is first installed on Windows
10. It also does this on secure screens.

This is really annoying to me as I find the Windows OneCore voices extremely
annoying in that they are incredibly slow and laggy. Is it possible to force
NVDA to default back to eSpeak NG without copying my entire NVDA
configuration over?

Thanks in Advance,

Noah Carver

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