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JM Casey

The problem I found with the 1core voices was that there was always a really long pause between sentences, and a shorter but still annoying pause after commas. I was able to get rid of this by editing an .ini file within windows, but most times when there was a windows update, the setting went back to its default. Very irritating.


Someone suggested setting the rate within windows to its maximum, and setting the rate within NVDA to normal listening speed. This did seem to help the problem, although I can’t really say why. Now every time I turn on narrator, it’s incomprehensibly fast. :D



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There is a procedure to speed up the One Core Voices.  I don't know it, I don't have Windows 10 and I'd probably far rather use Eloquence or Via Voice if I did, but I've seen the procedure written about before. 


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Why do some people say the one core voices are slow? Can the speech rate be increased?

Because some people have their speech rates set up to speeds that are incomprehensible to your random listener, but perfectly comprehensible to them, and certain synthesizers do "ultra fast" better than others.   I have yet to see anyone who uses One Core (or other, for that matter) voices at something within normal limits for typical human speech rates say they're either slow or laggy.   If one wants to use ultra fast speech rates, then it narrows one's choice of synthesizers (and, probably, even voices for that synth).

Yes, speech rate can be varied for One Core voices.

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