Re: NVDA And Outlook Autofill

Abbie Taylor

Rui, sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. If there's only one recipient in the list, then naturally, arrowing down won't work, but even when there's more than one suggestion, NVDA only reads the first few letters I type. I thought this was fixed with the last update to NVDA but apparently not.

The best way to be sure you're sending your message to the right recipient is to press Alt plus Period after opening a new message. This opens a search field where you can type the first few letters of the recipient's name and press Enter and a list of suggestions should come up that can easily be navigated with the arrow keys. To CC someone, press Alt plus C. To BCC someone, press Alt plus B. You'll get that same search box where you can more easily find your preferred recipient. Alternatively, you can use the To, CC, and BCC buttons above the To field with the same result. 
Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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