Re: Request: require assistance make NVDA read the status bar in file explorer of windows ten

Ron Canazzi

Hi Groups,

Here is a simple way to read the status line using NVDA.

1. Launch File Explorer.

2.  Make sure your screen reader is in screen review mode by pressing NVDA + numpad 7.

3. Press shift + numpad 9 to read the bottom of the screen.

4.  You should hear something like 781 items 1 item selected 3.52 MB.

I do wonder just why the old read status line with NVDA + end key does not work and hasn't worked since Windows XP but the work around isn't that difficult.

On 3/28/2019 3:22 PM, Andre Fisher wrote:

It's much more convoluted to do it this way. I would consider myself to be an advanced user of NVDA, yet I found it difficult to find it. I could offer up another solution in the form of the Virtual Review add-on. When it is installed, press NVDA+Control+W while in Windows/File Explorer.
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