Re: Request: require assistance make NVDA read the status bar in file explorer of windows ten

Rui Fontes

The problem is that seems that some guys don't want to solve this very old bug...

I already gave one solution, heavily tested in the portuguese and brazilian community...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes

Às 00:39 de 29/03/2019, Ron Canazzi escreveu:

Hi Groups,
Here is a simple way to read the status line using NVDA.
1. Launch File Explorer.
2.  Make sure your screen reader is in screen review mode by pressing NVDA + numpad 7.
3. Press shift + numpad 9 to read the bottom of the screen.
4.  You should hear something like 781 items 1 item selected 3.52 MB.
I do wonder just why the old read status line with NVDA + end key does not work and hasn't worked since Windows XP but the work around isn't that difficult.
On 3/28/2019 3:22 PM, Andre Fisher wrote:

It's much more convoluted to do it this way. I would consider myself to be an advanced user of NVDA, yet I found it difficult to find it. I could offer up another solution in the form of the Virtual Review add-on. When it is installed, press NVDA+Control+W while in Windows/File Explorer.
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