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Which is why I havn't bothered upgrading.with 3 or so weeks left I won't be upgrading.
And if this continues I may never upgrade again at all security be damned.
10 started out as something large, and cool, but there are just to many things wrong with it to call it a good os.

On 2/07/2016 8:43 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
For the record and reading some of the chatter elsewhere there seems to be
several issues here. Firstly, the dodgy access does not just affect
nvda, it
tends to affect all the screenreaders. There is an inferred criticism from
Microsoft that they should be using the new api developed for Edge etc, to
get around these issues not the older uia or msaa. However as has been
pointed out by manufacturers of the screenreaders, since the Edge api
has been buggy and altered so often, it would mean continual updates of
the screenreaders when it got broken, so best to use thedevil you know.
The real issue from my point of view as an outsider is that Microsoft
should have actually got this working properly before they unleashed the
operating system at all, so its all their fault,but that is me saying
that, and I'm not party to secret discussions behind the scenes.
There has been and still is a rumour circulating that Windows will have
its own inbuilt screenreader 'shortly'.
However if the evolution seen or rather not seen in Narrator is anything
to go by, its not even close yet.
Maybe they are buying the rights to Window Eyes instead who knows.

I have one machine with 10 on it and it is not so much the lack of
accessibility I find annoying but the way it seems to stop you doing
many things you should be able to do as an admin in the past, and of
course the reliance on those tonka toy designed ribbon menues.
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Just for a little perspective, I'm running a Macbook Air with Windows 10
since about a month after Windows 10 came out, and of course, my screen
access is NVDA. I'm quite happy with it.

What doesn't work, I just avoid. Even so, I think it works just fine.


On 7/1/16 9:30, Shaun Everiss wrote:
One thing though, nvda is going to have to support win10 by the time it
upgrades because home users will get it automatically.
I can defur the systems I have on pro into the non upgrade branch for a
time but as I can't justify defuring a remote for the only reason that I
can't access it since I only maintain those, I would like to have the
systems I let upgrade, upgraded so I could see what was what.
The only good thing is as long as search works, the settings app, ie, and
the desktop I could get buy while you worked with things.

On 1/07/2016 8:06 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
One of the options seems to be that new versions of win 10 come along
and break accessibility in some cases.
I don't think this occurs though if you just take windows updates and
not whole new builds such as insiders get.
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Hi all,
Windows10 has been released for almost one year. Is this still the

Here is a quote from NV Access (Last update: 5 April 2016 00:25 UTC):
we recommend that most users delay upgrading to or purchasing a
computer with Windows 10 until further notice.
resource from:


Victor Cai

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