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Well I had something like this check your date and time.
I had issues back in the past before I got a basic ups.
Power outage due to storm, network dead system updating time things to far in advance.
Eventually windows failed to update then said it was not legal and I should buy the licence.
It then said if it was not the case check the time and yeah it was hosed totally.
Resetting the time, worked though I had to clear several blog entries that had got screwed and such and then I had to remove and reload avg, and run dimention4 and then it worked as expected.
I have 2 ups unites and plan to upgrade with a dc battery for the network system with an 8 hour charge on it.

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Well could be a certificate mismatch or some add on reckons the web site
is unsafe for some reason, maybe an anti virus?
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hi group!

Did anyone visit vocalizer for NvdA in the last time? I've visited it
several times at last and always receive the same announcement: unsure
connection. First I decided the problem is on my browser or anywhere
else. But soon I've understood that the problem is with the site because
visiting another webSites, all was in order with my searches. So, I
decided to announce this here.



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