Re: Firefox's extensions' section: The Saga goes on


Spot on. This is precisely what I'm getting.
So are you saying that if I turn off this guess number or something like that this behavior will stop?

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Em 29/03/2019 07:40, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io disse:

In a lot of places in the listing of items, if guess list number on you can get 1 2 or three more reported than are actually there. Is this what you mean?
Ie you can never get to the others as they don't really exist. Sometimes 1 unknown will be reported as well, but again, I imagine nvda knows there is something there but its not flagged up so it just says unknown. For example every time an add on update comes in, it says there are two, but there is only 1 it just gets it wrong.

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Subject: [nvda] Firefox's extensions' section: The Saga goes on

Hello guys,
Quite a while ago I posted about an issue regarding Firefox working with
NVDA, where these little guys weren't wanting to read properly the
options - plugins, extensions and such - as we went through them.
Well as said before by Brian - or at least one of the Brians we have
here right now (LOL) - this is fortunately fixed, for what I'm
infinitely thankful.
Trouble is, now when navigating through the options, I'm hearing
something like that:
Plugins - 1 of 7
Extensions - 2 of 7
And so on until the fourth item.
And here's where thing gets weird. I just can't keep arrowing down to
see the other 3 options that would be there according with the NVDA
items' numbering.
So, all of this to ask, is anyone having this behavior using the latest
Firefox version?
That's all guys.

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