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no its just a status window.
you can't interact with it.
you just open and close the start menu quickly then its normal.

On 2/07/2016 9:17 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Does anyone know how to interact with the auto opening app in windows
7for available networks which in the system tray. Unless you cursor over
it fast, it just blots the screen out with an apparently empty shell of
a window, though sighted people tell me this is not so. Why it should
auto open when you clearly do not click anything is most odd, but I have
two 7 machines here with the same problem.
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A good example is Windows 10’s Settings app (Windows+I) where you do
need to use object navigation to read descriptions of settings.



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Joseph Lee wrote: "If you are using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, use of object
navigation is essential when using newer style apps."

Joseph, is there any material somewhere that gives some discussion or
examples of using object navigation and the review cursor using some
"real world" example?

I have not been able to get my arms around this, and it's probably
because I'm trying to use it "in the wrong place." I strongly suspect
that had I known how to use these features the step-by-step pizza
ordering instructions for the Pizza Hut website I was trying to create
might have been completed. I had one of those rare "throw up my hands
and walk away" moments because I could not figure out how to get NVDA to
"play correctly" with the various pop-up overlays, etc., and I'm almost
certain it can.

Even if you could direct me to either an app or a website that's a good
sandbox for this undertaking I'd appreciate it.

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