Re: Getting current column in word when you're in 2 column format?

Luke Davis

On Thu, 28 Mar 2019, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:

Hello,Some technical papers need to be written in a 2 column format and I'm having a hard time figuring out what column I'm on both because NVDA likes to
jump around columns and because I need to know how to format my paper based off the template.
Is there any way to tell what column I'm in?
I suppose you're using MS Office. I don't have an answer for you there, but I have run into this same thing using OpenOffice.
In OpenOffice, the last time I had to do columns, I first pretended I was doing the work on separate pages, using a manual page break to split the two where desired. So with column 1 on page 1, and column 2 on page 2, I then reformatted the document into columns, which automatically looked at the separate pages as separate columns.

This is rather a brittle solution, and I have grave doubts that it will work for MS Office, but it did work for my single page, double column, landscaped documents.


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