Re: very odd issue: NVDA reads hidden text in firefox preferences

Jonathan COHN

It is very possible that either the hidden or aria-hidden attributes are not being recognized then. Can you reproduce with another screen reader or older versions of Firefox?

Jonathan Cohn

On 3/29/19, 2:37 AM, " on behalf of enes sarıbaş" < on behalf of enes.saribas@...> wrote:



1. open firefox options in version 66.0 or above.

2. arrow through the webpage like preferences. You will see text that
should not be visible to a sighted person, all possible dialogues.


Restore previous session
Warn you when quitting the browser
Always check if Firefox is your default browser
Firefox is not your default browser
Firefox is currently your default browser


Firefox Updates
Keep Firefox up to date for the best performance, stability, and security.
Version 66.0.2 (64-bit) What’s new
Show Update History…
Checking for updates…Applying update…Update failed. Download the latest
versionUpdates disabled by your system administrator
Firefox is up to date
Check for updates
Firefox is being updated by another instanceUpdates available at You can
not perform further updates on this system. Restarting…

Can an NVDA dev explain why this is happening? I can see this on several
websites as well.

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