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It autoopens because it interprets you moving to it in the same way as though you were hovering a mouse over it, at least that's my interpretation.  Why this icon reacts in this way is something I don't know. 
But the fact that the problem doesn't exist with the system tray dialog add on is more than sufficient reason for me to use the add on.

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no its just a status window.
you can't interact with it.
you just open and close the start menu quickly then its normal.

On 2/07/2016 9:17 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
> Does anyone know how to interact with the auto opening app in windows
> 7for available networks which in the system tray. Unless you cursor over
> it fast, it just blots the screen out with an apparently empty shell of
> a window, though sighted people tell me this is not so. Why it should
> auto open when you clearly do not click anything is most odd, but I have
> two 7 machines here with the same problem.
> Brian
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> Hi,
> A good example is Windows 10’s Settings app (Windows+I) where you do
> need to use object navigation to read descriptions of settings.
> Cheers,
> Joseph
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> Joseph Lee wrote:  "If you are using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, use of object
> navigation is essential when using newer style apps."
> Joseph, is there any material somewhere that gives some discussion or
> examples of using object navigation and the review cursor using some
> "real world" example?
> I have not been able to get my arms around this, and it's probably
> because I'm trying to use it "in the wrong place."  I strongly suspect
> that had I known how to use these features the step-by-step pizza
> ordering instructions for the Pizza Hut website I was trying to create
> might have been completed. I had one of those rare "throw up my hands
> and walk away" moments because I could not figure out how to get NVDA to
> "play correctly" with the various pop-up overlays, etc., and I'm almost
> certain it can.
> Even if you could direct me to either an app or a website that's a good
> sandbox for this undertaking I'd appreciate it.

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