Re: Youtube in Firefox don't automatically plays video after loading Youtube

Sarah k Alawami

Yeah I hate it myselfso I use every wayI can think of to turn that crap off. I wan tit to play only when I say so. But tha'ts just me.

Take care

On 30 Mar 2019, at 9:08, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:

If this is true, then they need to at least give the choice of a setting to turn it on and off.
I, for one, want to happily keep my videos playing as soon as I open their links.

Marcio AKA Starboy
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Em 30/03/2019 13:09, Sarah k Alawami disse:

I know that chrome and firefox were I think making some changes to stop auto playing I have to say thank goodness to that.

Take care

On 30 Mar 2019, at 3:09, Marco Oros wrote:

Thank You.

But, I hope this is not of Windows defender.

I know about some problems of Windows Defender in Mozilla Thunderbird, but It was solved. I haven't good antivire.

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