Re: Question about braille sign


Guenni, this is probably an apostrophe in Unicode, likely UTF8. It is
generally considered correct coding procedure to signify the language
& character encoding of the document. Failure to do so throws errors
in all browser development tools, so the likelihood is that there's
really no way to fix it. If the author did not specify an encoding
method, then perhaps the text encoding item on the view menu can help
you fix it. But, as I said, that's normally not the case, as
specifying this is really standard coding procedure.

On 3/30/19, Anne G√ľnther <ag82lca@...> wrote:
when I'm writing the apostrophe "'" is shown normally as a
one-symbol-sign. But when I'm reading texts in firefox it's usually
shown as some strange sign, made of different symbols, which is a bit
annoyning. Why could that be, and is there a way to fix it?
best wishes, Guenni

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