Re: Code factory synthesizers in Windows 10 with latest release of NVDA


So reregister it, I guess you need to get another licence or something, this is one reason I only use sapi voices, if I needed to deactivate everything before I upgraded nvda versions I'd go nuts, I allready have to do this with windows 10 major upgrades, so I'd have to do it with every nvda release, and every major windows release to.

On 31/03/2019 12:57 PM, Sile via Groups.Io wrote:

I just updated NVDA on my Windows 10 machine to version 2019.1

I had Code factory elequence installed, but now it is asking me to re-register my Code Factory voices - has anyone else had this happen?

The code factory directory appears at the main nvda menu level as before but if you click on either Eloquence or Vocalizer you get a list of voices but when you try to select them nothing happens.

If you try to select either Eloquence or Vocalizer from the synthesizer option under Settings/speech it just asks you to register the voices, and offers you a button to click to continue to the registration page.  Again, when I press this button, nothing happens.



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