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Yes, it’s using shift up arrow or shift down arrow to select text so that you can move it.


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I suspect that what is being discussed is selecting by moving, such as moving by line, not using the read selected text command or read what is on the clipboard command but we'll see if that is what is meant.
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NVDA reports the number of characters selected when it is over 512 from memory.  Are you selecting more than that number of characters, or is it doing it for smaller amounts now?

If it's that you happen to be selecting more than 512 characters, that isn't new, but you could create an issue outlining the reasoning for wanting the ability to have all selected text read as an option.  Partly the reason for implementing it was synthesizer lag processing large amounts of text.

If the issue is that you have less than 512 characters selected then that is unintended and I'd be interested in more information about your system and exact steps to reproduce.

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This happens to me as well. I hate that - we need the actual data not the char count.

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I have noticed that with the latest version of NVDA, when you select text in notepad using shift-down arrow (or shift-up arrow), sometimes NVDA announces the text you have selected (as it used to do) but sometimes it just announces how many characters have been selected.

I am using windows 10, and the most recent release of NVDA.


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