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Robert Logue

Thanks Brian.  I'll give Autoruns for Windows  a try.


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Not sure, if you had it set to start at log on, once, then it can be a real pain to stop it.
Does anyone know if this is in fact possible?
What I see is that when it has been set to log in with a password prompt in windows , then the nnvda settings get used but when its fully loaded the screenreader is not actually running normally it still needs a manual start. This implies that there is, somewhere in the early start up sequence, a stub loader that gives rudimentary screenreading before the rest of windows loads up.

I'm guessing this may be some throw back to a time when nvda was not uninstalled completely and has only been seen now due to some change in the settings in windows starting up and nvda starting up.
Might be worth a look in Microsoft's autorun  tool to see if you can see a key somewhere where its running something from nvda, and removing it manually.
I had a similar issue with Dolphin some years ago.

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In my experience this tends to be that another screen reader, like narrator for example, it's actually starting to login and not actually NVDA, is The issue

On 3 Apr 2019, at 00:48, Robert Logue <bobcat11@...> wrote:

NVDA is starting when I have it set not to at logon.

I've looked at NVDA settings as well as in Ease of Access in control panel.  It is unchecked so it shouldn't load at startup. It is checked to load after startup. The settings agree.

Another problem is that NVDA is using the default sound card instead of the one designated in NVDA and Windows sound settings.

Windows 10 1809.


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