Re: tabs on web page

Robert Logue

I just tried this page with NVDA and Edge. I only had to press spacebar to select another tab.

Interesting how different browsers work with screen readers.

I'm not ready for Google Chrome.  I don't think I'll be ready for the new Edge either.


On 2019-03-27 10:21 a.m., Don H wrote:
I am using Google Chrome and the web site is listed below.  There are several tabs for description, specs and so on.  If I try to use insert slash on the tab NVDA says nothing and when I follow by the left click nothing happens.

On 3/27/2019 10:56 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Is this a page we can all go and look at?
Also, it might be that the browser is important.
also I've had so called tabs that put stuff elsewhere on the page but do not indicate to the screenreader anything has changed.

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I have a web site that I am accessing using Google Chrome on a Win 10 1809 system. I am using NVDA 2019.1.

The web page has a series of tabs in the middle of the page for showing the description, specs, faqs and reviews. How do I open one of these tabs? Hitting enter or space bar on them does nothing.

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