Re: Quick Question

Roger Stewart

This does exist. It's in settings under speech. In the synth area there are choices of pitch change for caps or "say cap" If say cap is on, then whenever you arrow across a capital letter, it will say the word cap before the letter. I think this is what you want.


On 4/5/2019 4:12 AM, Ed Marquette wrote:
I am relatively new to NVDA, but I think I have searched the manual thoroughly.
Knowing whether words are or are not capitalized is crucial in my work; however, it is too time consuming to read by letter. Is there a way to cause NVDA to announce capitalization of words when reading by line, sentence, or paragraph?
This may be the only feature in JAWS that I really miss.


I didn’t see this as a feature in any add-ins either.

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