Code Factory Blues

Margaret Thomas <iluvtoread@...>

Hi, All:

I'm once again trying to learn NVDA after many years as a JAWS user running 64 bit Windows 7 Home.

One of my problems is that my attempts keep being interrupted by one thing or another and I have to start virtually all over from scratch. I purchased a couple of Code Factory voices with one being an Eloquence that sounds reasonably like the Eloquence with JAWS that I'm used to. Apparently, I upset Code Factory by not loading NVDA frequently enough for them since the voice switched to something else from Eloquence that it had been on the last time I used NVDA and I apparently have to re-register the Code Factory voice again. This will be the third time and I'll be in search of another synthesizer since I have a problem understanding eSpeak or whatever the current one is. Could someone please remind me how to find out what the current one is? During one of my previous attempts, I found that the SAPI voice for Win 7 was easier to understand than eSpeak, but can't remember how to switch. Could some kind person please provide instructions?

I'll check out voices again when I can get NVDA more understandable, but does anyone know if there has been anything new other than from Code Factory in the last several months that works with Win 7?

I seem to be running NVDA 2018.1.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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